February 2016

Just to boost my ego a little, I thought I’d share this with you. I have been selected by BookHippo as a featured author. And here is my badge to prove it.


February 2016

Well, slap me, it turns out that for once I was right. The second edition of The Third Rule is up and running, official launch date is the 20th, and to mark the occasion, it’ll be free from Amazon for five whole days.

And here’s a sneaky peeky of the banner I’ll be using….


February 2016

It’s been a while, but I’ve been a tad busy. Sorry.

The news today is concerned with The Third Rule. You’ll know by now that the second edition is due out this month, and there’s a new cover and blurb to accompany it. Also, the paperback will be available too. Here are those new clothes and the new blurb…

The new front cover!
The new front cover!

The new paperback cover…

TheThirdRuleSecondEd_PrintFull (1)V2

If you can’t make out the blurb, here it is…

When you’re accused of murder, you’d better hide, run, or fight.
The Third Rule is England’s new infallible capital punishment. But absolute proof of guilt is no longer required, so there’s a queue at the Slaughter House doors.

CSI Eddie Collins hasn’t killed anyone, but he knows who has. That’s why he’s on the Slaughter House list, and when a government hunter tracks him down, Eddie has to fight or die. 

“If you want to kill serious crime, you have to kill serious criminals.”

Sir George Deacon, Minster of Justice.

August 2015

It finally crept around. Launch day for Sword of Damocles.

The ARC reviews posted on Goodreads by readers are now trickling their way onto Amazon and are very good.

Damocles is already in the Kidnapping category, coming in around the #120 mark. Previously, during the pre-order phase, it crested about #25, which is pretty good for a book that wasn’t even released back then!

And, in a first, we’ve managed to get the paperback version out there on the same day as the e-book.

July 2015

Sword of Damocles uploaded to Amazon, and is available (soon) on pre-order, as at 6th July.

Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) are now out and about – and I don’t mind telling you that I’m a little nervous.

Final artwork
Final artwork


June 2015

Quite a lot has happened over the last few months in The Writing Pad.

Firstly, I’ve finished the latest version of Sword of Damocles (see The Story Behind… it here (beware of spoilers though)) and for more info, the news item below this one. The latest version, I might add, is the fourth or fifth draft, the latest being compiled from a lot of red ink splashed around a printed version. It’s out being pulled to bits by my readers right now, so I expect there’ll be a fair amount of work to get through once I get it back.

And then there’s a host of other things to deal with before I can finally let it loose on the world [insert evil laugh].

As of today, A Long Time Dead has been in the US Amazon chart top 100 Police Procedurals best seller list for 19 weeks, currently sitting at #48.

April 2015

Progress Report – Sword of Damocles.

Where are we, April, right? Okay, the story of Sword of Damocles is written. Mostly.

Let me explain. You’ll by now know that this book is adapted from a script I co-wrote seven years ago. I’ve used just the parts of the story that I needed to slot into Eddie’s life as it stood at the end of Black by Rose. It’s not a true stand-alone story, there are elements of it that carry over, but they’re more concerned with character development rather than the story itself, and you could easily get by without having read any of the others before it.

The book has been a bitch to write because of the constraints imposed by the script story, and it’s been a challenge to incorporate the bits of the book that don’t concern the script. On the other hand it’s been a delight to write because I adore the story that the book is formed around. It’s a strong tale with a fairly intense, in parts, forensic slant; but you know me well enough by now to know you won’t need a degree in forensics to follow the plot.

Speaking of plot, or should that be plots, I’ve scattered a few among the main story that I hope will illustrate Eddie himself, and will also tell you a little of where he comes from, his background, the kind of upbringing he had. I haven’t laboured the point, because you don’t want a biography here, but I’ve slipped in a few lines of Eddie’s past. The other plots concern his love, Ros, and… oops, not telling you that bit.

Charles, his Dad, makes more than a casual appearance too, and I like to think of these two characters as a Steptoe and Son double act. Yes, there’s comedy here, black comedy mostly, but it’s not meant to be a funny book; the comedy here is to illustrate Eddie’s character and to illustrate that however sombre life is, there’s always a giggle to be found somewhere.

As you might expect, there is also the odd murder, none of them gratuitous, all of them needed to tell the tale. Oh, and lastly, there’s a little home-spun vigilante-type justice thanks to our lead man, along with a realisation that he’s not as good at some things as he’d hope to be. I’ve read several books recently where the lead character is so annoyingly good at everything he puts his hand to, that I was determined that Eddie shouldn’t be one of them. No one is good at everything, and Eddie is no exception.

So it’s done right? Nope, not yet. I have a few more scenes to write first that concern a secondary murder and its investigation. This has strands that spiral into the main plot, obviously, and into one of the other sub-plots. I know, that sounds ridiculously abstract, but I really can’t say more than this without ruining it for you.

I expect the first draft to be finished by the end of May. I’ll keep you posted.

March 2015

It cannot be 6 months since I added a news item! Okay, I guess it must be.

Anyhow, this is just to say that over the past two and a bit years of being an indie author, I’ve had some quite stunning months as far as book downloads are concerned. You might remember that I was thrilled to see A Long Time Dead fly over the 30k downloads barrier a few months ago? Well, I’ve just completed a promotion for The Third Rule and couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I saw it had been downloaded worldwide almost 10,000 times!

Indeed, I was just six books short of having 13,000 downloads for February. I was very pleasantly surprised by that news. So if you’re one of those who did download one of my meagre offerings, then I bow to you and doff my cap because you helped her reach number 3 in the Police Procedurals chart, and have helped all the books regain some of their former prominence. By that, I mean, for example, that A Long Time Dead has stayed in the US charts for well over a month, and continues to do so now at number 48.

Sincerely, thank you.



September 2014

This website goes live!

See the guy near the front twisitn rebar, yes the one with the straw hat. He picks up his P45 today, I take Health and Safety seriously!
See the guy near the front twisting rebar, yes the one with the straw hat. He picks up his P45 today, I take Health and Safety seriously!

For several months (no, not full time!) I’ve been working on getting this behemoth off the ground.

The scaffolding is almost torn down now, and we’re almost ready to hit the big green button.

Hurry up, it looks like rain!

At some point in the near future I’ll post a blog all about this process (actually, that’s a bit of a porkie), but for now let us rejoice that this sign is almost in the skip!




July 2014

The results are in. The SpaSpa Book Awards this year have been especially kind to me and my little offerings.

winner-badgeThe Third Rule did well, reaching 1st place in the Boxed Set category and 4th overall Best Book 2013. I feel truly blessed for this, it’s a massive boost for my ego.

And then Black by Rose came 2nd in Crime, Thrillers &Mystery books from a series category.

For me personally, this is astounding news and has helped brighten runner-up-badgeup a lacklustre year. Very many thanks to all those people who voted, and many congratulations to ‘everyone who dares to write about the things spinning around inside their heads’.

Go and view the wonderful Indie Book Bargains site here. There is lots to see, and don’t forget to sign up for the IBB email, which has some great reading suggestions. Follow this link to the awards themselves.

June 2014

Having looked at the covers of my books on Amazon, I decided Black by Rose needed a bit of a makeover. It needed to be clearer in thumbnail. So here it is, and soon it’ll be uploaded.


April 2014

This April saw a promotion on Amazon of A Long Time Dead. I estimate previous downloads to be somewhere in the region of 28000, and I was determined to get her over the 30000 mark!

It wasn’t the most spectacular promotion of all time, but she sold in every Amazon region worldwide except Japan and cruised effortlessly over that 30k milestone.

January 2014

Received the paperback version of Black by Rose this month and am astounded by the very high quality of the publisher, Feed-a-Read.

I love handling new paperbacks!
I love handling new paperbacks!

Tell me where to send your free books.

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