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And so today finally sees an end to the revamp of the Barrett book covers. I’ve enjoyed learning a little bit about image manipulation, though it must be pretty obvious to those cover designers and graphic artists out there that these are just the doodlings of an amateur.

I didn’t go to a book cover designer for a number of reasons. Firstly, I couldn’t afford one – always an important consideration! Secondly, I wanted to learn a new skill – and although I’m many years away from even being competent, I feel a little better about the whole process. And lastly, I like the idea of being in control – of everything: from the story, to the editing, to the covers, and marketing.

This last statement ranks me in the ‘Jack of all trades’ territory. I accept that. But I can look at my books with a certain amount of satisfaction and say every bit of them is me.

Enough of the sentimental clap-trap, here are the final versions of Sword of Damocles and The Lift. Hope you like them.

SoDPrintCover26.5.16 (Large)

TheLiftPrintCover27.5.16 (Medium)


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2 thoughts on “New Covers”

  1. They both look great, and most importantly they are definitely eye catching. That’s the first thing that will draw me to a book, to see if I want to read it. Hope they do well for you Andrew.

    Best wishes Todd

    1. Thank you, Todd, that’s very kind of you to say so. The old ones were a little drab, so I was hoping to inject some colour into them. Very pleased you think so too, thanks for letting me know. You don’t think they’re too ‘cartoony’ do you?

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