Coughs and Covers

I left work in mid-April for a well-deserved break. During this ‘break’, I redecorated the lounge, did the garden (my weeds are coming on a treat!), and developed a rather grating chest infection.

As time for my return to work neared, the infection worsened. I did go in, you’ll be pleased to hear, but was sent back home again at lunch time. Several courses of anti-biotics didn’t help, and finally the doc said I had pneumonia. Now there’s a turn up for the books!

I’ve known other people stricken with pneumonia, and they were really ill, on a drip, stuck in bed, debilitated. This didn’t happen to me though. Apart from the obvious symptoms, I was able to remain perfectly mobile, and felt well except for an intense cough that saw me pass out once or twice. I had the dizzy spells, and constantly felt weak, drained of energy (still do).

While I couldn’t go into work, I’ve managed to keep myself occupied doing little bits on the computer every now and then.

Those little bits include writing another Eddie Collins short story entitled The Note, and re-vamping the book covers. I’ve had a blast with Corel Paintshop – it’s a good game seeing how many times you can get it to crash over a ten minute period, usually the ten most productive minutes. Anyway, most of them are done, although I reserve the right to tweak them again in future. Just need to fettle Sword of Damocles.

And then there’s the book, Ledston Luck. I’m sorry to say I haven’t made much progress with that in so far as word count is concerned. I have however, made progress with it inside my head: I now know how the story pans out. And let me tell you, providing I can morph those scenes in my head into the written word, the book will be great.

Want to see the new covers? Okay, here they are, in comparison to the old. Some have changed completely, others not so much. But either way, I’d love to hear what you think of them. Don’t be shy.

DeadCSPrint1 (Medium)

DeadPrintCover8.5.16 (Small)

ElgarPrintCover8.5.16 (Small)ElgarCS.Print.1

TearsPrintCover8.5.16 (Small)_Cover-Proof (4) (Small)

TTRprintcover18.5.16 (Small)TheThirdRuleSecondEd_PrintFull (1)V2 (Small)BBRprintcover17.5.16 (Small) BlackByRose_Front_Gold_Large (2)

Tell me where to send your free books.

4 thoughts on “Coughs and Covers”

  1. Crikey! Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Andy. Seems like neither of us is earning enough to pay for other people to do our DIY so that we can push on with what’s important. (Watching Netflix and drinking beer with our feet up.)
    Covers all look improved. Colours more vibrant and the font on TTR looks better. Just my opinon, of course. I tell you one thing, I wish I had your cover design talent. Actually, no I don’t – I lose enough writing time as it is. 🙂

    1. Thanks Oliver 🙂
      I would go with Netflix, but change the beer to whisky.
      So glad you like the new covers, I wanted (for the first three) to keep the old covers but make them more vibrant. I was worried about changing fonts on TTR, having always stuck to a bold block type of font. A change is a good as a rest, I believe they say!
      As for ‘talent’, I just hit a load of buttons and see what happens 🙂
      [That’s actually true!]

  2. Hope that you’re on the mend now, Andy. The revamp of the book covers look good. They stand out more.
    Take care. Cheers,
    Mike (Kerr)

    1. Mike, thanks very much for the thumbs up on the covers; I was aiming for the titles to stand out more. I might have overdone it a little with Black by Rose though?
      Yep, I’m feeling a bit better these days. The trouble with that is, I have to go back to the day job soon 🙁

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