The Lift

secret-205646_1280Well I let the cat out of the bag.

I’ve been working on a new Eddie Collins story called The Lift. I was, if I’m being honest, going to keep it quiet until I’d finished the story, that way there’d be no pressure on me to finish it or even make it good. 

But now y’all know about it, I’ll have to do both! stress-111425_640

What’s it about, Andy?

It’s about Eddie misbehaving.

Sorry, need more details.


Okay, who’s in it apart from Eddie?

Two guys. Both of them not very nice.

How long is it?

Don’t know, haven’t finished it yet.

When’s it due out?

calendar-440589_640I’ve stuck my neck on the line and said middle to end of December.

I know how bloody crafty you are, which December?

Ha, you suspicious minded person! This December, 2014.

Thank you. How did it come about?

I wanted to interview Eddie in preparation for the Sword of Damocles release, but after I while I thought better of it because he’d never give me a straight answer…

I know what that’s like!

…so I thought I’d get someone else to interview him, using coercion if necessary.

Okay, go do some writing.


Oh, just a minute, why’s it called The Lift?

Andy? Andy?


Dreaming Stories

Do you remember the book by Stephen King entitled The Tommyknockers where one of the protagonists, Bobbi Anderson finds a spaceship in the woods near her house? After the discovery, imagesher failing writing career suddenly takes off, as I recall. Indeed, it takes off in such a fashion that she can type a story remotely; she’s out and about doing the things a country girl does, while inside her house, the typewriter is doing its stuff, all at the behest of her new found telekinetic powers.

Well, guess what!

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