Charlotte and the Troll

I am a very proud member of the Goodreads UK Amazon Kindle Forum. And they have recently put together a superb collection of forty-three short stories and poems written by thirty-one forum members, entitled A Splendid Salmagundi.

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The Third Rule – an update

Where was I? Ah yes, The Third Rule was due out of the blocks in September. And then it was due out sometime this month, October. However, with all plans there comes a corresponding amount of chance; and it seems chance has taken a hold of things concerning The Third Rule‘s imminent release, and squashed them. Flat.

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Updated Dead trilogy

Of course, everything is perfect in the world of Roger Conniston. And now that I’m moving on to pastures new, I can forget all about him; I can safely turn the page in my Life Book, and continue onwards knowing that Rog is holding up well in the past and my job now is firmly fixed on the future.

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